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Our House

My wife and I had always felt cramped by the size of our traditional den and formal living room. We tore down the wall between them, added decorative molding, custom ash wood flooring. These changes were so dramatic that all are amazed that it is the same house. It looks the same from the exterior, but the interior is open, free-flowing and comfortable for both entertaining and everyday living. 

Bud and Joanne
Bud and Joanne had a beautiful backyard that had some unique challenges that included a high bank sloping from the backyard, and an old pool that harbored mosquitos. A deck was built over the pool, landscape lightning was added, ceiling fans in the overhang, decorative concrete walks and it gave it an entirely new feel and usability. Now, visitors remark that it is one of the most beautiful outdoor spaces they have seen.

John and Kelly
John and Kelly inherited a country home from Kelly’s parents. It was a modest home that had been built 80 or more years before and added on to at least 2 times. The bedrooms were small, there was a formal living room that had not been used in years and only one bathroom. By eliminating some walls, adding some walls and a bath, the home was updated to where it is much more convenient and pleasant. (transition pictures right)

David, Andrea and Mallory

David is an expert at landscaping and he had a beautiful back yard, but it was not usable when it was wet, nor did it give them any place to entertain or enjoy the outdoors. With David's help, I designed a deck that makes them want to be outside enjoying the beauty! (below)

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A room in transition