About Us
Licensed General Contracto  -  M. Gray Clark
License Number- 70615
North Carolina Board of General Contractors

Business: Yellow Dawg Construction, LLC
Licensed and Insured since 2010

 C&A Construction (partner St Louis, Mo)
Habitat for Humanity (crew leader- roof framing, siding and other aspects)
Presbyterian Mission in Chiapas Mexico, concrete work, church, school and medical center building and water cistern
Appalachian Service Project- siding, deck, roof and bath repairs
Working with architect, John Wall, Oversaw design and building of church structures- focus on practical usability, durability, ease of maintenance and esthetics.
Home renovations:   flooring, complete home remodel, decks, baths, kitchen, ceramic and wood flooring, flat roof
Commercial renovations:  Carolina Delicatesian, Presbyterian Counseling Center

Ministry: I am an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church and was previously licenced in the United Church of Christ. In my current position, I am considered part-time, in what is traditionally called a “tent-making ministry”. This name is derived from the nature of the apostle Paul’s ministry where he would both practice ministry while providing for the majority of his support from his business of tent making.
I have degrees in ministry from McCormick Theological Seminary,Eden Theological Seminary and a Bachelor's degree from St Andrews College where my emphasis was Economics and Religion.  I believe strongly in the compassion and love of God for all people and try to practice this in my business dealings. 

My business keeps me in touch with people of all walks of life and I believe makes me better equipped to minister to peoples of all races, nationalities and lifestyles.

Value: In every job, I realize that the high cost of materials make most everything we do costly, from grocery shopping to driving our car. YDC makes every attempt to maximize value, while limiting costs. We will give you the best value for the money and discuss cost saving measures for you.  We also try to minimize waste and recycle products when possible.

Ethics: YDC believes that every decision we make in life should be based on ethical values. We will not tolerate behavior that is unethical in our employees, sub-contractors or personal business dealings. 

The Name: Yellow Dawg Construction, LLC is named after my dog Gracie. This idea was from Aaron, one of my sons. Gracie is a yellow Labrador retriever that was born March 3rd, 2002. Her mother and father were Crash and Caper, both brown labs, owned by my son Josh Clark who is a graphics designer for UNC-Chapel Hill.  Gracie loves the water and outdoors and is one of the best-natured dogs I have ever seen. She has a sense for good people and children. Only once have I seen her go into attack mode and that was when someone was threatening me. 
Often you may see her on the job or in the truck. She loves going to work with me when she can. When she was younger she would run the trails, while I rode my mountain bike. It wasn’t unusual for her to go 8-10 miles. Now, that she is older, she still enjoys long walks, the water at the beach, lake or creeks.

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